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Experience in providing the total Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) service for various industries.


Company History

With over a decade of specialized expertise in delivering comprehensive Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services across diverse industries, Asman Kadir Engineering & Fabrication Sdn. Bhd. (AKEF) has firmly established itself as a respected industry leader in Malaysia since its inception in 1992. Alongside our core EPC services, we offer consultancy expertise across various engineering domains, including factories and machinery registration, plant installation, Advance NDT, industrial factory design, and engineering manufacturing processes.
Throughout our journey, AKEF has continuously refined its proficiency in providing cutting-edge engineering and construction solutions, guided by a total quality management ethos. This approach enables us to effectively address the varied requirements of clients across a spectrum of industries. Complementing our EPC services, we take pride in our commitment to furnishing reputable parts and equipment of the highest standards.
Our unwavering dedication to quality is exemplified by our extensive workshop facilities, augmented by certifications validating adherence to the most stringent standards. Accreditation from diverse statutory, regulatory, and professional bodies further underscores our commitment to rigorous quality assurance practices. Building upon this solid foundation, we persist in elevating quality and service benchmarks to unprecedented levels, ensuring absolute client satisfaction.

Vision & Mission


To become the industry leader renowned for spearheading the total suite of one-stop solution for engineering, fabrication, part supply, installation and services to raise infrastructure perfection to greater heights.

  • To provide the most efficient, sustainable and reliable engineering, fabrication, part supply, installation and services, guided by our total quality management approach.
  • To strive for continuous technological innovations so as to power our clients’ infrastructural needs with the most advanced and achieve greater efficiency.
  • To develop the best talents for the industry by enhancing professionalism, fostering commitment and inculcating a can-do spirit among our staff.

Our Leaders


At Asman Kadir Engineering & Fabrication, we set a target to become the very best EPC provider for Oil and Gas and Power Generation industry. To realize our vision, we must commit ourselves not only to accountability and continuous improvement, but to the highest ethical standards of work. The business prospects of our company are excellent, and the foundation that we build on is very strong. That foundation comes from the service that we have provided to our customers, communities and employees.

We are regarded as robust and ambitious, but disciplined, business people who are involved in providing essential services to our related industries. In order to meet the high standards set by our company, we must conduct our operations carefully and be the leaders in developing solutions to our industry’s challenges.

Together, we strive for excellence.

Datuk Lai Kok Fai




  • Establishment


  • Accredited with ISO 9001:2008


  • Registered with CIDB Grade 7
  • Accredited with ISO 45001


  • Joined with Petronas JIC*
  • Piping Subcontractor
  • Program Members


  • Accredited with Petroleum License from DOSH**

*Petronas JIC: Petronas Joint Industry Collaboration
** DOSH: Department of Occupational Safety and Health

Asman Kadir Engineering & Fabrication Sdn. Bhd.


Company Profile

Our comprehensive workshop facilities, certifications that have met the highest standards, as well as accreditation by various statutory, regulatory and professional bodies, are a testament to the top quality assurance which we provide.

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