About our company

About Our Background

establishment SINCE 1992

Backed by more than a decade of experience in providing the total Engineering, Procurement and Construction (hereinafter in referred to as “EPC”) service for various industries, Asman Kadir Engineering & Fabrication Sdn. Bhd. (hereby known as AKEF) has come a long way to be recognized as a reputable industry player in Malaysia since establishment in 1992.

Our comprehensive workshop facilities and certification that have met the highest standards, as well as accreditations by various statutory, regulatory and professional bodies, are a testament to the top quality assurance which we provide. Building on the foundation, we will continue to raise quality and service standards to greater heights to ensure client’s total satisfaction.

About Us

Continuous Raising Our Standard

Our Mission

  • To provide the most efficient, sustainable and reliable EPC services, guide by our total quality management approach
  • To strive for continuous technological innovations so as to power our client’s infrastructure needs with the most advanced and achieve greater efficiency.
  • To engage our clients actively and uphold a personalised approach in project management, thus surpassing clients’ expectations and achieving service excellence.
  • To develop the best talents for the industry by enhancing professionalism, fostering commitment and inculcating a can-do spirit among our staff.

Our Vision


  • To become the industry leader renowned for spearheading the total suite of one-stop, EPC service to raise infrastructure perfection to greater heights.

Health & Safety Policy

  • Quality Policy
  • Occupational Health & Safety Policy

The management and the employees of Asman Kadir Engineering & Fabrication Sdn. Bhd. are committed to ensure the company objectives are met and providing our clients with the comfort and satisfaction of achieving and exceeding their requirements and expectations.

This will be achieved by adopting a continuous improvement of our Quality Management System through:

▶  Ensure we understand our Client requirements; legal and other requirements are satisfied and comply to the best of our ability.

▶ To strengthen relationships and encourage repetitive business with existing Clients.

▶ To win work not solely on price but through innovation and value added services.

▶ Continually strive to improve our performance through analysis and to reduce the occurrence of

▶ Non conformity at all levels of business and stages of a project.

▶ Effective and efficient management of company human resources that helps the realization of projects in advance of set deadlines, conforming to every quality standard prescribed.

▶ To prioritize and value the most valuable asset of AKEF, company employees, and to contribute to their technical and self-development through company’s structured training programs leading to motivation & empowerment, and to provide social securities.

▶ To engender a positive commitment to quality and create an environment of teamwork and cooperation that enables employees to work effectively.

▶ To take action plan to address company risks and opportunities by identifying internal and external issues, QMS process and interested parties.

AKEF acknowledges that it is incumbent on employees at all levels to ensure that the provisions of the Quality Management System are attained. This is achieved by effective communication and employee’s acceptance of their responsibilities with respect to fulfilling the Company’s quality objectives.

It is the responsibility and commitment of Asman Kadir Engineering & Fabrication Sdn. Bhd. to provide safe and healthy working environment for our employees through:

▶  Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health for its employees, contractors and visitors,

▶  Eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks by considering the purpose, size and context of the organization.

▶  Comply with all applicable safety and health laws and regulations

▶  Continuous improvement of the OSH management system

▶  Develop and enforce the use of safe working practices

▶  Provide consultation and participation of workers and training to employees to conduct their work in safe & health manner.

In conducting our business activities, employees of

AKEF and contractors shall strive to:

▶  Prevent all occupational illness

▶ Prevent all accidents and injuries

▶  Prevent property damage

It shall be the duty of every employee to:

▶ Commit the above objectives

▶  Report hazards

▶  Cooperate with management, participate in safe and health programs and comply with all applicable safety OSH laws and regulations.

The application of sound safety and health practices for the protection of our people is an essential factor in the overall success of our business.

Total Quality Management

Through the years, AKEF has horned our niche of providing total EPC service via total quality management approach to satisfy the needs of our client from diverse industries. The wide range of successful project we have completed, including Non-Pressure part, Pressure Part replacement, and I&C works, as well as supplied skilled workforce for the marine, power generation and oil & gas industries, aptly reflects our commitments to total quality management.

Customer Focus

Process Improvement

Process Management

Total Participation

Planning Process

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