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Company Introduction

A revolutionary breakthrough in water management.
Say goodbye to traditional chemical water treatment. Using technology derived from years of research by a team of petrochemical engineers and scientists, Flow-Tech Systems has created the most technologically advanced chemical-free water treatment system – designed specifically for the facilities you manage.


Increase operational efficiencies while reducing chemical costs.
Water systems by nature require an immense amount of management. No matter the industry or application, traditional water treatment equates to a vicious cycle of costly, not to mention dangerous, chemicals. With Flow-Tech, you not only can reduce if not eliminate expensive chemicals from your current water treatment plan, but you can also unlock hidden operational efficiencies. We’ll work with you to discover the optimal solution for you and your system.


Upgrade your water treatment to improve efficiencies, reduce environmental footprint, and increase water savings.
Our revolutionary water treatment technology helps you increase efficiency and water savings, reduce operating costs, protect equipment, lower your environmental impact and improve safety and hygiene in your facility. We analyze your current water system and implement the best possible solution we can offer to uncover hidden water-energy savings while providing the best alternative to chemicals.


Feel confident in your investment with dedicated technical training and support.
Flow-Tech doesn’t just provide you with equipment – we implement a solution. With the strongest knowledge base and expertise in chemical-free, we’re available to you from the beginning of the project and beyond. Through ongoing training and guidance, we will ensure that you and your facility get the most out of Flow-Tech.

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