Oil & Gas

Given the burgeoning developments in the construction, infrastructure, as well as oil and gas industries in the region, HFS has the expertise to keep various sectors well-oiled, literally. With in-depth competencies in turnkey project management and budget development, we have the edge to offer the full range of services, from fabrication, construction, transportation, installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance of onshore and offshore structures and piping works.


The Marine division is capable of building, repair, refurbish, and maintain various types of ships to meet various demands from its clients. It provides engineering and construction capabilities for various type of ship and offshore structure and carries out all phases of project implementation.


We are specialist in Engineering, Procurement & Construction services for the offshore & subsea sectors, with proven track records. We have fabricated complicated structures and equipment like production risers, grillages, stab frame, mudmats, pig launchers, subsea spools, midspan bracings, conductor clamps, subsea templates, christmas tree guard structures etc. Our team have a sound knowledge in understanding the requirement needed for each project and ensure that international standards are met.

Valve Service Division

In fluid handling and processing systems, valves play a critical role—i.e., regulating the flow and pressure of fluids to within an acceptable range for maximum operational efficiency and operator    safety. As such, they must be regularly subjected to inspection and maintenance operations to ensure they remain in proper working order. Failure to maintain them can lead to lower processing   efficiency and, in extreme cases, component or system failure.

Power Service Division

Regardless of the ancillary equipment required by your boiler or HRSG system, every part you need is available through the spare parts division of AKEF. Each part we offer is engineered and manufactured specifically to suit the original specifications of your equipment.

AKEF is dedicated to providing our clients with replacement parts of the highest quality delivered in a timely manner. To benefit our clients, AKEF maintains a variety of stock items. These parts are available for immediate delivery, and on very short notice.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of extracting knowledge or design information by using 3D scanning data capturing system and redesign a used/new part of valve maker such as stem, trim, packing and so on. By undergoing reverse engineering, parts are not only be duplicated from the original but also improved and upgraded for better performance.