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Company Introduction

We, DONGSUH Ind. Co., Ltd., produce different types of sealing products such as mechanical seal, packings, and gasket etc. and are developing various components and materials needed for power generation plant. We create the future based on the company's quality management system through high quality production and the cutting-edge production technology.

Dongsuh Ind. has achieved the world best quality and service through the complete process renovation such as the standardization of the production process and management of standard dimension, etc. based on the creative mind and passion as an innovative company for challenge and creative value of the unlimited possibility to realize the customer needs. We are also doing our utmost for the customer impression not for the customer satisfaction while securing the reliability based on the company's ultra precise production technology and know-how along with the cutting-edge facilities.

Our production services range from the nuclear power plants to chemical power plants, chemical plant and shipbuilding industry, etc. We fully concentrate on the production of high quality products along with the continuous R & D. Further, we have the thorough quality assurance system through the complete quality test by our in-house quality control and latest test facilities and to this end we are determined to do our utmost to take full responsibility and roles as a partner of our customers. Challenging to the world based on the company's best technology and best quality for different products is the commitment of Dongsuh Ind. to realize the company's business philosophy to be a true enterprise.

Active business and aggressive management are come from the confidence in the world best technology and products followed by the challenge mind for the future.

We are committed to ensuring our utmost to be the best value innovative enterprise for all of our customers and our all company members as the 21st century enterprise having the most competitive power under this unlimited competition age. We wish all of you more prosperity and progress.

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1157, Gijang-daero, Ilgwang-myeon, Gijange-Gun, Busan, 46047, Republic of Korea